Not here to create social awareness
You won’t hear my voice out back
Scream female struggle
You won’t see triggering evidence of slavery when I speak so relax
Take a deep breath
Have a seat

Have you ever been around panties so wet that it could pass as a wash cloth so delicate that flow was enchanting ?
Tonight you make all my decisions for me
I want to loose myself inside your soul until you find me
Let your fingers trace the paths I catch fire on
Kiss me until Tupac is reincarnated
Lick me until your taste buds don’t recognise anything else but the taste of whipped cream
Let me moan like the orchestra that put our neighbours to sleep
Bite my neck and share my goosebumps
Look me in the eye when you dip inside me
Fuck me until I’m scared to walk out the next day
I’ve been waiting to drink from your lips and now that I’m thirsty, I can only think of doing things so unspeakable that the walls and ceilings blush and look away
When my pussy becomes a faucet, grab my legs, devour that shit and watch me spasm
Sticky fingers within
I feel them cramping up as your lips embrace mine
You have my pussy whispering sweet nothings of pleasure
And you don’t stop until your lips cushion the landing of every single drop that comes dripping down your chin
Lay on the bed
Don’t be shy
Bite your lips so that I don’t hear you scream my name
Grab the headboard
Shut your eyes
Allow mine to tell you what you did to deserve the torture I’m going to put you through
You bring out the beast in me every time you ease in me so ….do not hold back
Let me take care of you
I promise
I won’t stop until you beg me to

# A F I A


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