Everyone who knows me well is aware that I hate small talk
“What’s up”
“How’s life”
“What are you doing”
“How’s your day going”
It’s not because my golden feet have catapulted me unto an ironic pedestal of depth
It’s just for fear that those little drops of water might actually rebirth the ocean of tears I sleep with every night
When someone asks,”how are you”?
I wanna say that life has become a movie and I’m the worst actress that I know
I wanna say my depression is a hungry sidekick that constantly craves my joy and makes food out of my laugh
I wanna say that darkness is the only piece of clothing I own now because pain stole all the others
I wanna say this but I wouldn’t want to darken your colouring book of a day so I turn my face into clay, pretend I’m a potter and mould it into something sight-worthy
So my quivering lips reveal my small teeth in a hopeless attempt to smile and I say “I’m fine”
# A F I A


4 thoughts on “HOW ARE YOU?

  1. Edward says:

    Good flow but need to choose between formal and informal writing. That would help a great deal. Words like “wanna” should be written properly in the formal context if it is for an academic audience and also shortening of words should be excluded. For example “should’ve” must be written in full. Other than these two points it is a great piece. Keep up!

    Liked by 1 person

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