The satisfaction that came from watching was unmatched
His legs dangling in the air
Bloodshot eyes bulging out of their desperate sockets
His Adam’s Apple making excuses for him as the string cut through his flesh and into his veins
I watched him suffer
His reality was struggle
I was its author
As I aimed the .32 ACP Welrod at his throat and pulled the trigger ever so gently, I smiled

I wake up
Beads of sweat denote my disappointment
Confusion permits my dime-sized feminism to enter an ironic state of awareness so tempting that I wished it was reality
Depression is funny that way
So hilarious that I had to use her as a coping mechanism for the catacombs of the places she led me
Alluring fragrance bequeathed by Almighty
Beauty unprecedented
A full bloomed jasmine flower
He’s drawn in
Its instantaneous
But he cannot just compliment and move on
He smiles
So do I
He greets
I nod
He kisses
I retreat
Insult drowns smile
He yanks me by the stalk
I yell no
He breaks me
Petal by petal
Part by part
I do not scream
This is the 4th time I’ve been dealt this same card
Dirty fingers catch tired tears
My fighting hands are jelly in his hungry eyes
Flesh eating fingers tear open my bare skin like bags of snacks post high
It is always thanksgiving dinner for some men

Because we only raise boys telling them that they shouldn’t…not that they can’t
They shouldn’t
Now my guard is up
I always carry some sort of protection
I’m constantly in the company of others
Like not being alone makes any difference
All because someone decided that my body was his party to crash
Like women are meant to stay on the perimeter because the gray area is a danger zone in itself
Like if we don’t dress decently, we’ll only distract men and then they’ll have no choice but to assault us because we are basically “asking for it”
“What were you wearing?”
“Just how much did you have to drink?”
“What were you doing there anyway?”
And my personal favourite “MEN GET RAPED TOO”
I understand that men get raped as well
It’s a fact
But if you only remember to say it to silence women who have been sexually assaulted then you are a part of what is wrong with rape culture
I am not sorry that this is yet another poem about rape
Until a woman’s voice becomes more audible than her wardrobe
Until our intellect are viewed as attractive and not just our bodies
Until we’re seen as humans and not objects for use
I will not stop speaking
Because rape culture is not just a female issue
I’ll tell you that for free
It is a cancer that is eating into our society
And if we keep groaning and sighing at every case of sexual assault, soon there’ll be no one left talking about it
Tell me
How do you feel imagining that your girlfriend/wife/mother/daughter/niece/friend was sexually assaulted but could not open up to you about it?
Would you get tired of hearing about “stuff like this”?
Or would you then get up and do something about it?

# A F I A


3 thoughts on “AFTERMATH

  1. Dzigbordi says:

    Voice of the silent sufferer.. Peace would find you when we flip the page on rape culture and tell another story opposing this. I pray your voice makes all the difference there is..

    Liked by 1 person

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