My mouth is trembling 
My voice is breaking

My eyes are filled up

I cannot breathe

The air is so desert dry here

Tonight they would show you my bikini party pictures on the news and dehumanize me

They would call me a slut

Say I shouldn’t have been drunk then 

Ask what I was doing there at that time of the night anyway

Like somehow my wardrobe choices equated to a sexual invitation 

Like my intoxicated body is the only ticket he needed

Like females could only step out before sunset 

When I said “no” and you heard “try harder”

Was it my screams that turned you on?

Were my tears assists to your hard on?

Did my fighting hands become the jelly in your burger?

Did the blood at least make you rethink things?

Was that why you hit me and told me to shut up?

Because you said I was your bitch

Like I was asking for it 

Like it was my fault

Like being raped was just about sex

It is a social disease characterised by power and a narcissistic form of entitlement that in all parts of the world, we’ve become accustomed to 

When growing up, every kid is taught not to talk to strangers

Not to stay out too late

Not to take food from strangers 

When growing up, every girl is taught not to talk to strangers 

Not to stay out too late 

Not to take food from strangers 

Not to be skimpy or better yet like a whore

Not to walk alone in certain places

Not to be too loud or opinionated for that would bruise the ego of men

“And you don’t want to deal with a man with a bruised ego”

Like the right to my body was a social disguise

Like my body was public property

Like I am just a groundskeeper in my own fucking body!

“If you wear a short dress, it’s fashionable, but know that it can attract somebody who would want  to rape or defile you. You must be responsible for the choices you make” – Otiko Afisa Djaba, Minister for Gender, Ghana.

The women are not the problem 

The solution is not giving us a wardrobe change

It is telling men that it’s okay to hear no sometimes

The hood nigga who suddenly turns profane when you don’t respond to his catcall

The corporate boss that will only give me a promotion unless he owned  my body

The old man who hides behind his age to justify groping or smacking my ass 

When I bang my head on my bedroom wall every night 

It isn’t because I can’t move on

Or because I have suddenly become mental 

I just want to be heard because I’m tired of everyone suffering from Alzheimer’s right after a rape case has been made public

A lot of people are gonna read this article

And scoff

And cringe

Then walk away

I’m still standing here

Drowning in my hopelessness

Wishing you could hear my silent cry

My mouth is trembling

My voice is breaking

My eyes are filled up

I cannot breathe
                       # A F I A


3 thoughts on “WHEN A GIRL SAYS NO

  1. Dzigbordi says:

    When truth is released from the depth of one’s soul..it must be taken for granted.. I could have said “nice write up” but society’s evil is reflected in this piece so much so that it tears me apart.. #justiceforHER

    Liked by 1 person

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