She was never a firm believer of true love, soul mates, love at first sight, none of that. She’d often say ,”As long as you are willing, You can make it work with anybody”.

However, these days her notions on love have been “under construction”. The week before she’d told him she loved him for the very first time.

She gave a sad smile, remembering the first night they met.

It was a busy Saturday night and there were places to be at but it was like they had lost each other once and didn’t plan on it again, not even for “fun”.

They’d spoken for hours like they’d known each other for years. “4 years if anyone asks”, he joked.

Even after opening up to each other for more than 5 hours, he still seemed like he was distant, out of reach, but whenever she looked up at him, she could feel touch the innermost part of her soul.

He was quietly confident, she noticed. She found herself oddly curious about him. Everything about the way he spoke and carried himself was so strong and powerful yet there was something intrinsically soft and gentle about him that his whole physical build was a façade.

She’d endured a lot, he observed, brushing a strand of hair backwards to see her face. Her big black braids twists spilling over her shoulders. He called her cute. It was the first time anyone had the word to describe her. She watched him in surprise.

He wanted to know the girl she hid behind her searching eyes that had already asked him thousand questions. She was startled when he asked for the permission to kiss her. No one had asked her before. She nodded like a small, obedient child.

Since the incident the year before, she was careful not to let any guy come close to her, but somehow, with him, she felt safe.

There was something rare about him. Like a fine 1947 Cheval Blanc.

The next morning was different from the night before. There was no loud music as people prepped for the night’s mischiefs; there was no awkwardness, no shy-i’m-trying-to-impress-you attitude. There was just this amazing stranger she’d known for 4 years, standing at the edge of the bed, smiling down at her like it was a normal day for them.

Before long, they were joking about her mother’s reaction upon meeting him and how much pressure they’d put on their kids. He even began to make plans bearing her in mind.

She knew that there was a powerful bond forming between them and it wasn’t even remotely physical.

The things she liked about him went beyond sexual attraction.

The curve of his thin lips each time he smiled.

The darkness in his eyes.

The familiar passion that left her breathless each time he touched her.

The way he watched her, with intelligence and interest, like he saw her soul.

The meaningfulness of the things he said.

The rate at which she was telling to submit to him, a side to her that was reserved for him alone.

She knew she had fallen in love. The thought frightened her.

Every time he held her as she slept and felt the warmth that washed over her like a Mediterranean summer, she knew that she was home.

Maybe it was because of his size and height or maybe it was the mature way he dealt with her. But she felt like time like she knew better than to believe that her joy was forever. It never was. Life had taught her too many lessons titled “PAIN”.

She wondered why they had never had arguments. She was loud and opinionated and often had arguments to convey her message to whichever liar or cheat she was dating at the time but they had been together for more than half a year and never had a single argument….until now.

She dribbled his name absent-mindedly across the book she was supposed to be studying. She sighed. Now that he wasn’t around anymore, everything reminded her of him.

At least she was glad that now she could say that she had fallen in love before.


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