It was the fault of his illusive eyes
Those ever alluring eyes that faded everything else into oblivion, opened the door for hands that sealed the deal and showed the way into darkness
Ears that allowed hisses of whispers to feed on the vulnerability of the mind
Necks that caressed each other’s skins and birthed goosebumps unto arms not yet appealed to
It was the fault of his inane lips
Lips drunk with lust and naivety
Lips that initiated the pent up eruption of passion that gushed through every touch, every feel, every kiss
Shudders of ecstasy tallied intensity
It was his feel
Slender fingers that made me a slave to his touch
That made an arched back an invitation
The bite of the lips became incitement
It was the musicalised moan
The rolling up of the eyes
The writhing underneath the feel of his fingers
All of them masked my uncertainty
Understanding and surrender mistook pleasure for fate and before long, warm bodies swam as one in sync in the ocean we found solace
I blamed his sensual nature
The sweetness of his lips
I even blamed the enigma in his personality
But it was me
It was actually me
As immaturity permitted blame shifting to become an alter ego, that night grew to be a scene that looped every weekend
At a point where my addiction had me guessing, I pushed myself to the very edge of damnation because it only soothed the hurt and not the pain
Unholy hands lifted up to You the morning after
Tears of guilt washed over me like an unfriendly chill
I heard Your voice, strained, calling, but it was like a battle for me to just turn
There’s a time to embrace and a time to turn away
I was soiled
It would have been understandable if the latter was You
But like the father of the prodigal son You ran for me
You ran
For me
I had deviated from the sacrosanct being that You made me out to be and the sight of You is always balm to my soul
You have touched me in a way that no man ever has before
Reached inside and caused fright with constant findings
The Genesis of this journey makes it even more ethereal
I am only anxious to meet the kind of Proverbs 31 woman you paint out of me

# A F I A


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