I’m going to spare you all the poetic imagery and give you the tea on an experiment that i recently conducted

Just like any experiment, i saw a problem, formed a hypothesis, all that good stuff

This was a social experiment though; I’m not a very scientific person

Now at the time that i was beginning i had no idea that this was an experiment. I just wanted to see ONE person’s reaction to something but over time, there was a full house with my parents, brother, uncle, cousins, nieces and i made a pimp decision to take advantage of that

There are 6 washrooms in my house

I decided to place 2 rolls of toilet paper on each tank of the WCs (including mine)

Then i got rid of the ones that used to be on the toilet paper holders

On the tanks, I placed one normal toilet paper roll and next to it,a relatively softer, more user-friendly type

At the end of the week, i checked up on my little experiment

In all 6 washrooms i had similar results: the softer toilet paper was either done or almost there

The harder, rougher version just sat there, looking left behind, like my nephew when i forget to pick him up from school early

It was either untouched or inadequately used ( and this was the same story in all the washrooms)

I’m probably reaching with this and you may think I’m becoming too “woke” for my own good but this is what i deduced
In life, no matter our gender, race, age or occupation we all make day to day decisions affecting our lives

Sometimes we decide that we deserve better than our current situation and do something about it

Other times we settle

Not because that’s the only option we have but because we are oblivious to the better options we could have once we stop settling

Akua was a friend of mine who was in a very toxic relationship

I knew it

Her family knew it

Everyone knew that, except her

The more we tried to show her how abusive the relationship was, the more adamant she became

In Akua’s eyes, a man was supposed to be “macho” and domineering and if submitting to him meant being abused on a regular, it was only because he was so in love with her

It wasn’t until she met someone else ( not after the relationship, during) that she realised that she’d got it all wrong

And it wasn’t too late for her

All I’m saying is that you don’t need to relax and continue to wallow in negativity just because you think that’s all you deserve

Believe me, I’ve been there, and i sunk so deep that it literally took me years to understand that i had a choice

Like me, regardless of how long it’ll take, i hope that you choose the softer toilet paper too
# A F I A


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