I was lying under the stars, enjoying the ballad that the silent night sang. An echo in the distance. This experience was like nothing i had felt but i never once wished for it to end. It was all new yet there was something bracing that it carried along with it. Like a breath of fresh air on the hottest of days. Like a cup of cold water on my back after a hard day. Like a wet minted kiss on my dry lips. That is what you are to me. It is so hard to find the exact words that actually describe this world that we’ve woven here. This priceless painting that even we don’t understand. This stream of feelings, both said and unsaid. There are no words…. When you spoke to me for the first time, I was very baffled at the goosebumps that formed almost immediately under the ridiculous amount of hair strands i have on my arms. It was as though my arrector pili muscles had picked a song that only you knew the lyrics to. I smiled. And as we lost ourselves and talked of nothing but pure depth, watching as everything around us faded into dusk, my heart whispered to me, “This one right here”.

I am aware that there are times that my jealous heart, sealed with a band aid drenched in loneliness, formed from eons of existing to be worthy of worthless people’s attention tries to lure us into an oblivion of ourselves. You see what we have here? This universe of remarkable love. This world of robust magic where every inhabitant sings your name. Choirs of minions chanting, “Adam!” as though they were trying to split the skies. You are my Automatic Turn On. I could say that this poem is for your eyes only, but i feel like every moment spent with you is a love story worth telling. Isn’t it ironic that looking into your eyes, incarcerated in your prison of forever, is one of the few times that i feel liberated? So free. I feel my soul become so bare before you, it is intimidating. You were someone i had made up in my mind over and over again, each time making a small but significant change because i was convinced that you did not exist. I was convinced that you had found someone more boring but less picky, less dramatic than i am as an easy way out. I agreed. Reminiscing has become such a tedious job now that sometimes i wish that i could witness the first time i looked up at you and our eyes played freeze tag, record it with a camcorder just to embody the kind of Jacob and Rachel, Ruth and Boaz, Esther and King Ahasuerus, love that i want ours to grow up to be. At that moment, you were a new highlighter, you were love at first swatch and i wanted to wear you everyday. Right from the beginning i knew that this right here…this was real. This was not the ” after the sex, what are we really left with?” kind of bond. This was a soulfully inspired connection that i did not want to log out of. This was real. Now i realise that I’ve spent 10 minutes writing about nothing i intended on. This is what i had wanted to say. I want to be with you, literally, on this bridge that we’ve built. I want to be able to freeze time and orbit around you forever just so i could appreciate the things about you that no one else even notices. Like how your voice sounds like a mix of Tory Lanez and Adam Levine in two rainstorms singing in perfect harmony. How the edge of your lips move up and down every time you smile like the legs of two lovers sitting on a tire swing the last time they see each other’s face. Maybe love is an opera that people consider boring but pay millions nonetheless for entry and we both got in for free and we just haven’t gotten up to leave yet because we really like the music here. And maybe we finally leave and decide to take the bus home. And maybe the other passengers are old friends, clapping and cheering us on, encouraging us to tell them all about this journey that we are taking. And maybe…just maybe this journey never ends.


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