After the heaviness of hundreds of years of anguish come thundering through the concrete cover of your life, the ground that you once had your being rooted in comes smashing down to the point of crumbling

When understanding can only take you so far

When you have to go through life everyday and be tough

Because no matter how good looking you think you are, your thick lips, your thick thighs and ass to boot look good on everyone else but you

From sassy ratchet women to troubled delinquents and thugs, black people have been generally associated with everything negative

Makes me wonder how many black serial killers the U.S. has heard about

Makes me think about how many acts of terror on the U.S. were executed by black people

But the logic means nothing to the constabulary

My adversary

He’d rather decide to forget the integrity of his lieu and pat himself on the back for using me as target practice

It has gotten to the point where you can be animalized and murdered in public for “looking suspicious”

And the same law that swore to serve and protect you does everything but that

Over 200 unarmed black people have been brutalized/killed by law enforcement officers since the 1990s

Not even a quarter of them have been justified

Poems and spoken words about white privilege have become more of a cliche these days

Nonetheless allow me to indulge you

I don’t believe in white privilege anymore than i believe in black ignorance

Black ignorance is black men degrading the beauty that a black woman stands for

Forgetting that it’s the same women that stand up for them when they’re treated with injustice

Black ignorance is me sitting at home venting on social media as my brothers and sisters are stripped off their dignity, brutalized and wiped off the surface of the earth

Black ignorance is you filming 7 minutes of footage as a brother is chokeheld and murdered in public as his cries for breath faded

Black ignorance is the likes and snaps and applause at the end of this poem whose creators do nothing and leave it at that

It’s true that black people have been tagged as reckless over the years

Twerking half naked on the internet

Bragging about gangs and sex and making money from selling poison to people while claiming that it’s our culture

But does wearing a hoodie or being a teenager with an attitude make a person prone to police brutality now?

Even if i did live a morally wrong life, does that make me any less deserving of a revolution?

Isn’t it funny how every time an unarmed black person is murdered by law enforcement officers, everyone is suddenly concerned about his troubled childhood and criminal records?

Black lives do not matter

Not to them

Black lives never mattered

The system doesn’t care

Information from the media is always erred

Have you heard Paris pray for black America?

Cecil Rhodes murdered over five times more Africans than Adolf Hitler ever did Jews in the Holocaust but your history professor will not teach you that

Black lives never mattered from the slaveship

And I’m still waiting for a breath of fresh air

Heidi’s Roommate
🔱A F I A🔱



  1. blacklivesmatterbrooks says:

    I understand where you are coming from that Paris didn’t pray for black america in your (Article) I disagree that there is even a black america though. America is a unified country with multiple races. When you said black lives don’t matter and the system doesn’t care about black lives you are horribly wrong. America’s social system is based on equality and judgement. America does care about Africans, for example look at our president he is black. So when you say that black america isn’t cared for you are proclaiming a false statement. When you wrote about how Cecil Rhodes killed five times more Africans than Adolf Hitler and our history teachers still teach about the holocaust and not that there is a reason for that. The holocaust was a huge movement and affected the world. There is a reason why most students don’t know about Cecil Rhodes and more about Adolf Hitler. It wasn’t because Adolf killed Jews and Cecil killed black people. We learn about the Holocaust more than Cecil Rhodes because for one people in school can relate more to the holocaust than to some killings to black people. America cares about everyone the same and in writing treats everyone the same way.

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    1. just another wordpress author says:

      Speaking of holocausts, if you look at the facts slaves in Africa were mostly bought from black slave traders in Africa and then sent either west to the Americas, or east to primarily the middle east, Islamic countries.

      The majority of slaves sent to the Americas went to South America (e.g., Brazil) or the Caribbean, not North America. Obviously a lot were sent to North America, i.e., the American colonies, but it was a minority in proportion to the whole.

      Of all sent from Africa by black Africam slave traders the majority went east. Males were castrated before going east (everything external) and many did not survive that. The death rate was horrific. Many Islamic countries did not legally ban slave trade until late in the 20th century (and still practice it in fact, if not in law).

      My point is this. Slave trade in the U.S. was real and nothing to be ignored, but in the whole equation was not no where near the whole story. One other interesting fact, the word “slave” comes from eastern European whites from “Slavic” countries who were also enslaved in large numbers in Islamic countries in the middle east.

      Slavery in history was a universal fact. Blacks and whites have been enslaved historically in large numbers. The American story, the story of slavery in the United States, is just one chapter in the whole story.


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