It would rain all day

And the weather would be for two

Then he’d call you and say

That he wanted to see you

and you would smile

Cos you knew he would come over that night

And you would get some good dick

Then he’d leave in the middle of the night

‘Cause he doesn’t wanna get caught by the girlfriend you probably don’t know about

I’m not gonna throw that “you don’t need nobody” BS in your face. I’m not one of those feminists that believe that there are no good guys around

I’m not talking about the ones that are too good for any girl to deem real

Smart, church-going, fine ass, rich guy


I’m talking about guys that would show you reality, would be “the type of guy that your mum always warned you about” but knows how to treat, love and appreciate a woman, not because he is a player but because he freaking loves her

Love is a beautiful thing



True love

But just ’cause you haven’t met him yet does not mean that you have to settle for the one who treats you like something he forgot to throw away

You know what is funny?

When people expect you to wait for them

Like “i don’t wanna rush into anything. I wanna see what else is out there”

oh by all means, tell him to

But i sure hope you don’t mentally agree because he will never find another human being like you

Life is too short

Your ass is too fat

And you are too damn fabulous to sit around and wait for his fuck ass to act right

Baby girl you are beautiful

you are a blessing

You are a queen

If he is too blind to see that

Then he does not deserve anything you give him

I know all you wanted was to love and to be loved

But why did you let him just fuck you when you knew full well that you were just some warmth for his dick at night


Inspiration: Ernestine Johnson’s Why Did I Let Him Just Fuck Me


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