How do you know he’s Mr Right?
Is it because you’re both wearing black?
Or because you have the same taste in beverages?
Or because you both got tattoos?
Have you ever been dumped?
Have you ever dumped someone?
I mean we’ve all said we’re in love with someone at one point
But we never know if it’s true love
Until it’s over
So what if there’s is no one
Or two
Or three
Or four
Even five
What if there’s no such thing as true love but we’re just too afraid to admit it?
So we keep on dressing up, getting ready for dates
We keep on pretending to be someone that we’re not
We keep turning our lives upside down
And losing ourselves in something that we hope is better than what we think that we are
What is that something that we’re looking for?
What if it just doesn’t exist?
#A F I A


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