A man desired to own a beach house
He had all the money required to take up such a project
And so he did
Throughout the building process up until the house was completed, he had 3 friends (at different times) come over and check it out

When the first set of blocks were laid for the foundation of the house, the builders used some extra concrete for a monument of some sort that the owner wanted at the front of the house
Minutes after they had done that, the owner or the house dropped by with his friend
As they were checking things out , the land was so vast that they both got separated and ended up at different parts of the house
His friend accidentally stepped into the concrete that had been set aside
The masons, however, did not notice and hours later, they both left the site, leaving the dried up concrete with the footprints of the friend of the owner of the house in it

After some time, the owner of the house decided that it would be fun to spend the weekend with a friend at the beach house
They spent most of their time together at the shore as there were no decorations or furniture in the house yet
They camped on the wet ground and stared at the stars
They walked hand in hand along the shore leaving footprints on the wet sticky ground
The waves were strong
And gradually, parts of their footprints were wiped out by the sea water
By the end of the week, nothing was seen where their footprints once had been

After a few months, he brought another friend over to the house that was now finished
It was a bright Saturday afternoon
They watched movies, had drinks and went for a walk on the sandy beach where some neighbours were being sunbathed
The winds came
Other people walked on the beach from time to time
And soon, the footprints they left behind were no longer visible


I don’t believe in coincidences
All the people in your life didn’t just happen to be there
They’re there for a reason
And each of them has a purpose for wanting to stay
Either if it’s gonna be for a while or till whenever
In this little theory of mine, footprints symbolise effect, memories, impact, whatever you deem appropriate

Some people will leave footprints in the “sand” when they come into your life
Your friendship will be witnessed by many
There will be fun memories
But it will not last
Something as little as a metaphoric wind will get in the way

Others will share Heaven and Earth with you
Most of your time together will be filled with joy
It might even be situational friends
Like collegues at school or work
Your friendship will last a while
Probably years
And would require something more than a metaphoric wind to break up
Eventually, though, it will come to an end

There are also people who have their lives intertwined with yours
They’re mostly the ones you’ve known for a long time
The ones that you know inside out
The first people you think of telling when something new but exciting happens
It might even be by accident that you met in the first place and there might be breaks in your friendships along the way but you always find your way back to each other
Those are the people who have the deepest footprints in your life

None of these people, in my opinion, is more important than the other
My brother taught me that in life, everyone is a teacher and every situation is a lesson
You just have to decide how you let either of them affect you
#A F I A


9 thoughts on “FOOTPRINTS 👣👣👣

  1. trikastar says:

    First of all I think it was a great topic I haven’t seen covered anywhere but I actually believe in “coincidence” because anytime can happen in your without you even knowing about that, a lot of things can come from everywhere even success sometimes so I strongly believe in “coincidence” I just never think about it but all the same it was a really good article just need to get more details about how and why you don’t believe in “coincidence”and I appreciate your work and want to say thank you😘
    Derrick Jones(trikastar)

    Liked by 1 person

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