“I hope you fall in love with someone that always calls you back and never let’s you fall asleep feeling unwanted. Someone who holds your hand during the scary parts of a movie and burns cookies with you while you’re both dancing around in the kitchen. Someone who kisses you in the rain and hugs you when you’re cold. One who brings you breakfast in bed after you’ve cuddled all night. Someone who writes poetry and tells you I love you everyday.”


I’d tell you all this but I wouldn’t wanna prophesy a perfectly-made ice sculpture into your life. When you decide to give your heart to someone, don’t not expect mistakes. They’re not perfect and neither are you. They’re not thinking about you every minute. They’re not gonna quote poetry in front of a cool fountain just for dramatic effect. But if they’re able to make you smile without even being there, causes you to think twice, and admit to being human and making mistakes. Hold onto them because they’ll give you a part of them that they know you can break. Perfect people don’t exist but there’s always gonna be that person that’s perfect for you.
I used to say people that fall in love are dumb but I realise that it takes a whole different level of courage to trust someone with your entire heart.

#A F I A



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